Can Dogs eat Cheese

Can Dogs Eat Cheese? Everything you need to know

Cheese is a very famous food around the world. It goes with a lot of food, and we use it to make a lot of delicious food like Pizza, Omelets, Meat, and many more. When we taste a delicious food like that, it’s normal for us to share it with others. If you have a doggo at home, then you probably have wondered, “Can dogs eat cheese?” so you can share your pizza or other cheesy foods with your doggo. Unlike chocolates, dogs can eat cheese. But you have to keep in mind that if you give your doggo lots of cheese, it will definitely be bad for your pup. So, this is everything you need to know about dogs and cheese.

Dogs can Eat Cheese

As mentioned above, dogs can eat cheese. Also cheese has protein, calcium, vitamins A and B12, zinc, and phosphorus. But keep in mind that these nutrients are beneficial for humans and not dogs. But that does not mean cheese is bad for dog. So the answer to the question “Can dogs eat cheese?” is a simple yes.

Think about the Calorie intake

When you give cheese to your doggo, you have to think about calorie intake. As mentioned above, dogs can eat cheese, but it doesn’t give your dog any nutritional value. Therefore, it’s useless to add cheese to your dog’s diet as nutrition. You have to give cheese to your dog because your dog likes it. Since it doesn’t have any nutritional value, you should give your dog only a small amount of cheese.

Lots of Cheese will be bad

On the other hand, if you give lots of cheese to your doggo, then it will be very bad. Lots of cheese can lead to obesity, and that can lead to many more issues. If your doggo is already suffering from obesity or doesn’t get the necessary daily exercises, then you have to be very careful when giving cheese. You can’t give lots of cheese just because your doggo likes it.

Can Dogs eat Cheese

Cheese is a great Treat.

Since dogs like cheese a lot, it’s a great treat. You can use cheese when training your dog. You can use cheese as a treat to give to your doggo when it behaves properly. But keep in mind that you have to think about calorie intake. Otherwise, you will risk your dog becoming obese.

Control the Cheese intake for your Doggo

As mentioned above, if you give cheese to your dog, you have to control the cheese intake. The best way to do this is by consulting with your vet. Since they know the height, weight, and medical history of your dog, they can tell you the best amount of cheese you can give to your dog without risking any health issues.


  • Can Puppies eat cheese?

Yes, of course. But it’s better to consult with your vet so you can find the healthy amount of cheese you can give to your pup.

  • Can Dogs eat Pizza?

Yes, absolutely. But keep in mind that we use a lot of cheese to make pizza. So you can’t give whole pizzas to your doggo at a time.

  • Is there specific cheese for dogs?

No, there isn’t any specific cheese for dogs. But you can give your doggo low-fat cheese like Cottage Cheese, mozzarella, or soft goat cheese since a lot of cheese can be bad for your doggo.

Can Dogs eat Cheese