Puppy Yoga

What is Puppy Yoga and What can it do to your Pup?

Exercises are essential for a good healthy life. Not just for humans, it’s exactly the same for every animal in the world. Wild animals don’t need extra exercise to have fitness because their “hunting for food” lifestyle always provides the necessary exercise they need. But it’s a different story when it comes to domestic doggos. We provide them with all the things they need to never have to hunt for food. This will cause a serious lack of exercise. That’s why exercises such as playtime and walks are essential for your doggo and pup.

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This is where puppy yoga comes in. If you live a busy life, then puppy yoga can help both you and your pup. Puppy yoga means you are doing yoga while your pup is around you. But your puppy or doggo will consider this as playtime, and they will be very active during this time, so it will help them burn some calories like they are doing active exercises. Not just that, doing puppy yoga with your pup will also make a great bond between you and your pup. So let’s talk about what puppy yoga is and all the benefits it can give.

This is what doing yoga with a puppy looks like. It’s so much fun, right?

What is Puppy Yoga?

If you have tried yoga before, you know it’s already harder than it sounds. So, adding a dog to the mix would not sound practical at first. But, it will bring you joy and happiness with the yoga flow, and it will also give you a chance to bond with your pup.

As mentioned above, puppy yoga is simply yoga with a cute pup or a dog. If you are a hardcore yoga person, then puppy yoga might not be good for you because your attention will be divided between doing yoga and the pup. But if you are willing to try this new thing,  you will laugh a lot, and your yoga session will be full of new joy and wonders.

Advantages of Puppy Yoga

Keep in mind that there are many advantages of doing puppy yoga than just laughing and joy. Studies have shown that your stress levels can get remarkably lower if you spend 10 minutes with a puppy. This can impact your mood significantly. When this mood boost gets combined with yoga, both your body and mind will feel amazing.

Studies have also shown that yoga is a great way to calm you. If you are a person who does yoga on a regular basis, then you know that doing yoga will give you a sense of harmony. Not only that, but yoga also gives you more muscle strength and tone, more flexibility, and weight reduction.

But if you put a puppy to the mix and do puppy yoga, you will get that increased sense of calmness due to reduced stress levels. This will impact all the benefits you get from yoga in a positive way. This also makes the bond between you and your pup a lot stronger.

How can you do Puppy Yoga?

This is actually easier than it sounds. It’s also very simple. You do the same yoga session but with a puppy. Your focus is mainly on your form since its still yoga. But you will have more breaks in between to pet your pup. Puppy yoga is actually a chilled version of normal yoga. If you do puppy yoga with an instructor, then nothing can go wrong. Keep in mind that you are encouraged to be mindful of your own body in puppy yoga, but you will also have tons of breaks to pet a pup.

Puppy Yoga

You can start doing yoga with puppy yoga if you already do yoga or not. You can even pet the puppy while in a pose (if it’s only comfortable).

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 Why is Puppy Yoga good for your Pup and Adult Doggo?

These are the main reasons you should try Doga (puppy yoga or dog yoga).

  • Mental Wellbeing – Even though you are not a fan of yoga, being around puppies is always good for your mental health. So, doing puppy yoga will definitely be beneficial for your mental health.
  • Fitness – Yoga will increase your fitness level. It’s a good way to have a healthy body. That also happens with puppy yoga. It will help reduce body weight and have healthy and lean muscles.
  • Puppy Wellbeing – Puppies need more love and attention. They will get both those things through puppy yoga. So, Puppy yoga is definitely good for pups.
  • Meeting new People – You can meet new people who share the same interests as you. People who love dogs and puppies. This is a good way for you to network and expand your friend circle.

On an overall level, puppy yoga has all the benefits you can get. It will make you healthier both mentally and physically. It also helps you make more friends and have a strong bond between pups. If you try this with your own pup, this bond will be for life. This is why puppy yoga is already so popular in Canada. People are seriously getting involved in puppy yoga all around the world because of the benefits it gives.

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Puppy Yoga