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All You Need to Know about a Golden Retriever Puppy




60 cm (23.5 inches)


66 – 75 pounds (30 – 34 kg)


Sporting Group

Origin Area


Origin Year


Life Span

10 – 12 Years

Golden Retrievers are one of the famous dog breeds in the world. You can see them in lots of movies also. But, not just in movies, in real life also, Golden Retriever doggos are awesome. If you know someone who has a Golden Retriever, then you would know that. Since the popularity of this breed, the Golden Retriever puppy has also become a well-discussed topic.

So if you are hoping to get a Golden Retriever puppy, then you should know these things about this breed.

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History of Golden Retriever Breed

The first Lord of Tweedmouth was named Dudley Marjoribanks. He developed Golden Retrievers for the first time in the late 1800s. At a time, there was a false rumor that this breed was descended from Russian sheepdogs. But the reality is that Golden Retrievers are bred in the Scottish Highlands.

Lord Dudley bred the dogs for more than 50 years to create the best gundog since he was an enthusiastic hunter. Lord Dudley wanted a breed that could withstand a rainy climate without issue. So he crossed his yellow retriever with a breed called Tweed water spaniel, which is now extinct.

In 1908, a Golden Retriever doggo was shown for the first time on British Dog Show. After that, the Kennel Club in England recognized this breed officially in 1911. At that time, this breed was named as “Yellow or Golden Retrievers”. Then it was changed to “Golden Retriever” in 1920. Around 1910 this breed came to the USA through Canada, and in 1932, this breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club.


This doggo is a very outgoing and active breed. They are also very gentle. Not just that, Golden Retrievers are also very intelligent and devoted to their family members, making them an ideal family pet. When they are puppies, they are very active and are very good with little kids. But as they grow up, this breed tends to be a bit independent and calm.

Despite that, this breed has tons of energy and requires daily activities. Therefore, experts suggest that Golden Retrievers are best for people who have an active lifestyle.

golden retriever puppy


Golden Retrievers are so loyal to their family members. They also bring tons of joy and hair to the household. They shed a lot. So, if you are hoping to get a Golden Retriever pup, prepare yourself to have dog hair on your clothes and around the house. But if you brush your Golden Retriever daily, then you can remove most of the dead hair from their coat so the shedding will reduce, but it won’t stop completely. Baths also help in this situation. But the recommended amount of baths is one per month for Golden Retrievers.

You also have to trim their nails at least once per months. If you hear clicking on the floor when they walk, that’s a good indication that they need some trimming. Ear checking is also important since they have hairy ears. That will promote fungus and other bacteria to grow inside their ears. So make sure you trim their ear hairs properly. If you see any redness around or in their ears, wipe it out with a cotton ball that’s mixed with recommended ear cleaners. Finally, remember to brush their teeth at least once per week.

Exercises are also important for Golden Retrievers. So, a proper amount of daily exercise is required. You can go for walks or play other games with them. It’s also important for Golden Retriever puppies to grow muscles and be healthy. You can also learn how to build muscles on dogs so your Golden Retriever puppy would grow up to be a healthy doggo.

Health Issues

In general, Golden Retrievers and puppies are healthy. Although, they are prone to these conditions.

  • High Risk – Ear infections due to their long hair.
  • Mild Risk – Cancer and Hip Dysplasia.
  • Low Risk – Cataracts, Bloat (gastric dilation – volvulus), elbow dysplasia, allergies, and progressive retinal atrophy or gradual retina deterioration.
golden retriever puppy

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