Beagle Puppy

Everything You Need to Know About a Beagle Puppy




33 cm (13 inches)


18 – 30 Pounds (8 – 13.5 kg)


Scent Hound

Origin Area


Origin Year


Also Known as

English Beagle

Life Span

12 – 15 Years

If you are a fan of the classic movie “Cats and Dogs (2001)” then you are familiar with this doggo breed. Beagles are a miniature dog breed, but they are very solid and well built. Since they are small, you can also carry them even after they are fully grown. They have a short hard coat to protect their skin. Their physical build also enables them to travel in rough areas.

Beagles are also known for their less aggressiveness. They are very friendly with humans and even other dogs. That makes beagles an ideal pet for households with little kids or other pets. They also have a heightened sense of smell than other dog breeds.

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Beagle Puppy

History of Beagle Breed

Hare-hunting was a popular sport in England back in the 14th century. That’s an activity that involves beagle packs, harriers, and basset packs. In this sport, hares are hunted by scent. These hounds are controlled by people. This is now an illegal sport due to the violence of that sport. Still, that sport was the main reason for the popularity of the Beagle breed.

The word beagle was not used until 1475 and the word beagle may be originated from an old French word that has the meaning “open throat”.

Beagles were a good hunting dog breed because hunters could follow them on foot and even carry one in their pocket if needed because of their size.

Beagles are first mentioned in 1642 in America. They were used in the South before the Civil War. After the Civil War, this breed gained popularity among Americans, and by the end of the 19th century, this breed has become a popular competing breed in both conformation exhibitions and fields.

Now in the modern day, Beagles have made a household name as one of the best dog breeds in the world and is already one of the popular dog breeds in America.

This is how a Beagle pup grow up..


Beagles were originally bred to be a part of a pack. Therefore, they need more attention and love than other dog breeds. They also love to go outside and explore the world. If you give enough exercise to your Beagle doggo, they will be calm and would obey your commands. They are also ideal pets to be around little kids since this breed is so gentle and caring. They are also very curious about little kids, so Beagles would always get along with little kids.


Beagles need a moderate level of daily exercise and a healthy diet. Since they have a short coat, it only requires occasional brushing and once a month bathing.

If you are keen to learn more about other exercises and building muscles in your beagle dog, you can use this article on How to Build Muscle in Dogs.

Health Issues

Even though Beagles are an awesome dog breed, they also have some health issues. So if you are a Beagle owner, you should know about them so you can take immediate actions to prevent them from happening to your loving pup.

  • Intervertebral Disk Disease or CHD – This is a major concern regarding Beagles due to their size and body shape. There are also non-surgical treatments for this. This could be completely curable if you catch it early.
  • Minor concerns – CPRA, Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Patellar Luxation, Cherry eye, Distichiasis, KCS, Chondrodysplasia.
  • Occasional concerns – Musladin – Leuke Syndrome (MLS), Deafness, Cataract, Umbilical Hernia, Demodicosis, Hemophilia
  • If you have a Beagle, then you should do hip and eye tests. Also doing a DNA test for MLS and thyroid test would come in handy.

In USA, a Beagle pup will cost around $800 – $1500 and the monthly expenses for a Beagle pup is estimated to be around $143 – $325. But keep in mind that these numbers vary depending on the country and the situation. For instance, if you have another pup, monthly expenses will reduce by a huge margin. On the other hand, if there is health issues regarding your pup, monthly expenses can increase. Despite that, a Beagle pup will bring joy and love to your house that would be priceless.

Beagle Puppy

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